Years after buying my first property I found myself falling behind.  Monthly commitments had me feeling like there was more month left at the end of my money.  I knew that if I could pay off some credit cards or loans using my equity I could free up enough cash flow to be back on top again.  When banks were hesitant, a friend of mine suggested that I call Resilient mortgages.  They did not disappoint, they got me approved at premium rates, and now I am back on track.


After recent changes in mortgage rules, and housing prices that just seemed to go up, I felt like I was getting priced out of the market.  Yermiah showed me what my options were, and because he deals with hundreds of lenders was able to find a lender that would approve me for the amount I needed to get a decent condo in the lower mainland.  Call Yermiah, you won’t be disappointed if you do.


I have been working with Yermiah for years.  I know him to be very professional, very knowledgeable, and extremely resilient.   I am a self employed individual and because I had recently started my busines, banks were not willing to give me a mortgage.  Yermiah was able to get it done.   I would recommend doing business with him anytime.